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Who Are We

We are a web hosting company run by a small group of web & tech professionals. We own a collection of high performing Linux web servers.

Our Mission

At Host Me Host Me, we are dedicated to superior web hosting performance and quality as well as genuine, personalized customer support.

What We Do

We host websites. It’s that simple, really. We offer three main plans but if you have more specialized needs, feel free to reach out to us!

Why choose us?

We own our own high quality Linux web servers and configure them by default to run in the most optimized manner. If you want any additional modules or packages installed, we will make it happen! Our servers our always up to date and run on the latest technology, resulting in 99.99% up-time.

As Linux web server providers, we make sure that we give our customers the industry standard of web hosting control panels. No off-brand or cheap configurations. We give you full access to your very own cPanel with a variety of preinstalled modules and applications.

Every professional website these days needs an SSL certificate. These certificates provide encrypted transfer of information. It is essentially a necessity to have an SSL certificate. Without one, your website will appear unprofessional, low quality, and unsecure. Some common worries visitors may have when visiting websites without SSL certificates would include the potential for viruses, malware, personal or financial information leaks, or even worse- they won’t even visit your site at all. Most web browsers warn Internet users when a website does not have a valid SSL certificate and even discourage users from visiting such unsecure sites.

At Host Me Host Me, we know that mistakes happen. That is why we always take preventative measures to ensure the safety and security of our customers. We are proud to be able to guarantee consistent backups that are always available if you ever need to restore your website or cPanel account due to a major mistake.

We know that there are plenty of web hosting companies out there. Why choose us? Well, it really comes down to personal preference for most people. Some people prefer to support large corporations that over-charge and don’t provide quality customer support. Others choose us. We don’t only guarantee the same (if not better) quality than the top largest web hosting companies around; we also guarantee and pride ourselves in our immediate personalized customer service. We also NEVER charge any hidden fees or attempt to up-sell our customers. In the end, you really get a bigger bang for your buck by hosting with our company!

We are a team of web experts that operate in this industry because we truly enjoy it- not because we just needed a job. We love technology and all things web-related. If you ever have a question or concern do not hesitate to reach out to us! We are always available and promise to provide all of our customers with the best quality of customer support. No matter what issue you come across, we guarantee you that we will be able to help you solve it and are willing to do whatever it takes! We will personally walk you through any and all issues you may encounter step by step.

At Host Me Host Me, we don’t mess around. We know our stuff when it comes to the Internet, web servers, networking systems, programming and all things web-related. We are a group of web professionals that can help assist you in any of your web hosting needs. We have years of experience in this industry and refuse to let you settle for anything other than the best!

When you host with us, you will get a major discount opportunity from our partner, IP360. They provide top quality web development and maintenance services and packages that include creating and designing an entire website for you or your company. IP360 offers multiple plans along with a variety of payment options.

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